Sequoias Adult Education Consortium

Key Objectives

Sequoias Adult Education Consortium

Our Consortium members and partners focus on the following objectives for the regional AB86 comprehensive plan:

  • An evaluation of current level and types of adult education programs within its region
  • An evaluation of current needs for adult education programs within its region
  • Plans to integrate their existing programs and create seamless transitions into postsecondary education or the workforce
  • Plans to address the gaps identified
  • Plans to employ approaches proven to accelerate a student’s progress toward his or her academics or career goals
  • Plans to collaborate in the provision of ongoing professional development opportunities for faculty and other staff to help them achieve greater program integration and improve student outcomes
  • Plans to leverage existing regional structures

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Sequoias Adult Education Consortium

The Sequoias Adult Education Consortium is a regional organization covering parts of Tulare and Kings County in California whose mission is to facilitate the alignment and collaboration of adult education.


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